Entrance Gate Instructions

Keep this information confidential.  Give appropriate information to family and close friends if they have a regular need to enter this community.  Remember - this system is for the safety and protection of your assets and those of your neighbors. Please be considerate of your neighbors.

Vehicle Gates:

  • Entering Dorado Greens - 
  • Residents and other authorized users:  If you intend to use your Genie Remote Control that is activated on the gate system, approach to within about 10 feet and press the small button designated for the entrance gate.  The entrance gate should open.

If you intend to use the 4-digit PIN code you selected, drive up to the pedestal mounted entry device.  Use the touch pad to enter  #  (the pound sign button), followed by a valid PIN code.  If the system accepts the entry code, the gates will open.

  • Visitors, vendors, service personnel:  Drive up to the pedestal mounted entry device that includes a built-in telephone.  Follow the directions on the faceplate to locate the desired owner listing and call that owner on the built-in telephone.  (Please note - don't call from  a cell phone - you can't get the gate open if you use a cell phone for this call).  Press  A or Z to scroll through the names until the desired name is found.  Then press “CALL”  to initiate the call.  Assuming the owner answers the call and decides to grant access, the owner can depress the "5" button on their residence telephone (land-line or cell), which both opens the gates and terminates the call.  If you don't want to grant access, simply hang up the phone.
  • Leaving Dorado Greens - slowly approach the exit gate (to the right upon leaving).  A sensor in the street will detect your vehicle and slowly (15 sec.) open the gate to allow you to pass through.  While your vehicle is between the gates, sensors will continue to detect your presence and keep the gates from closing on your vehicle.  As you drive away, the gates will close again.


Pedestrian Gates (left and right of vehicle gates):

  • Leaving Dorado Greens - press the button on the nearby pedestal and open the gate by hand.  It will close itself and lock after 4 seconds.
  • Entering Dorado Greens - for either gate, enter your 4-digit PIN code on the keypad and press the # (pound sign) button.  Open the gate by hand.  It will close itself and lock after 15 seconds.


Other Information:

Fire, Police, and Emergency Medical Services personnel can access this community via a sensor that "sees" the flashing strobe lights on their vehicles, or via a switch operated by a special key carried by all emergency personnel.

A battery powered emergency system will open the gates in the event of a power failure.

Contact George Kinzer (#46) at 303-347-2753 or Steve Stith (#59) at 303-707-0686 or Bill Tobey (#47) at 303-660-9645 for questions, to request additional PIN Codes, further information, or to change any personal information such as phone numbers or PIN codes. If your vehicle has a built-in garage door opener, contact George to have it programmed to open the gates.

The gates are closed all times, unless special requests have been made to have the gates open, or if safe operating conditions require them to be kept open.  Call George, Steve, or Bill to request special gate openings.